Red Rock River Camp gets a Name change!


It\’s incredible to think that our Red Rock River Camp name was hijacked by our former tenants who we eventually had to evict out of the camp post Covid. But for us here at Gravity, we focus on the positives and what we have being doing best for 25 years in Tourism, providing incredible places and experiences to reconnect with Nature!

Wild Paradise is actually the name of the camp when we bought it in 2014. When considering the name change, we decided to go back to Wild Paradise as we had so many fond memories associated with Mossie Mostert, the previous owner and his family. It is also dedicated to the memory of Nadia Mostert, who battled cancer whilst we watched her grow up with us in camp. She loved being at the camp!

Other good news is that the Border is finally open so the gateway into Namibia is once again on the Cards and Wild Paradise is perfectly placed for an overnight before or after the crossing. We have competitive rates, loads of space directly overlooking the River.

Come and join us!

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