10 reasons why Orange River Rafting with Gravity Adventures is considered the best family holiday in South Africa!

  1. ECO THERAPY   – Various scientific studies have confirmed what common sense tells us – life is better outdoors! People feel more relaxed, less stressed and more centred after just 90 minutes in a natural environment – imagine how good 4 full days is! Living life in sync with the natural cycle of sunrise and sunset for a few days is like hitting the reset button. Your mind is stretched, your perceptions are challenged, and your perspectives change for the better. We all know how experiences can define our reality – what better way to shape your life than by experiencing all that the world has to offer?
  2. BE HAPPIER  – Get out of your comfort zone, push your boundaries a little and get to appreciate what is important in life again! People who adventure in the outdoors are more likely to retain positive emotions and minimize negative distractions when back home, facing the challenges of everyday life.
  3. SLEEP UNDER THE STARS – When last did you sleep in the wild without a roof and 4 walls? On the Orange River, we carry everything we need with us and make camp at a different spot each night. Sleep on the banks of the river, watch the fire burning, count the stars and watch satellites pass overhead as you process the day’s experiences. Dark sky experiences are a sought-after commodity nowadays, where light pollution affects most of Europe and the developed world. In the Northern Cape, our skies are clear and our stars are stupendous!
  4. WHITEWATER ADVENTURE  – Paddling white water challenges you to overcome your natural fear of the unknown and leaves you with a sense of accomplishment once you have made you way down the rapids. People discover that they can succeed and especially for children, this is an important lesson to take forward. And no matter how tough the day, you’ll be rewarded by a cold drink and a delicious meal prepared by your guides.
  5. EXERCISE – Activity trips are the best way to painlessly include a good dose of exercise into your holiday. Most of us are concerned about not getting enough physical activity into our day to day routines so what better way to do this than by having fun doing it. Paddling a croc (our two person inflatable) is great upper body and core exercise – you are continually keeping yourself balanced and centered.
  6. VALUE FOR MONEY  – An Orange River experience remains the best value for money holiday in South Africa. An all-inclusive price offers a family holiday with no hidden costs – no malls, outings, accommodation, ‘made in china’ souvenirs, eating out and other unnecessary spends.
  7. UNIQUE FORM OF TRAVEL  – The best thing about a river journey is that you will see so much that no one else gets to see – there are few roads and paths in the wilderness country along the river and around every corner is a new experience – a beautiful vista, a kudu coming down to the water to drink, the call of a fish eagle or the welcome sight of your camp spot ahead. There is nothing quite like sitting in your raft and going with the flow of the river. Human powered travel removes us from our over-mechanized lives and because we carry everything we need on our rafts, this trip really makes you consider exactly what is needed to live comfortably and happily.
  8. DISCONNECT TO RE CONNECT  – There are multiple aspects to this idea – the most obvious is the digital detox. Leaving all our devices behind is incredibly liberating, many people feel like a weight has been lifted from their shoulders. Disconnecting allows us to reconnect with the people around us, especially our families but also allows us to reconnect with our environment, with nature and, most importantly, our true selves. Adventure and journeys of the soul also often lead us to encounters with other like-minded people. Conversations around the fire, solving the world’s problems, are balm for the soul and a good way to stimulate the brain and open your mind to other points of view. There are no distractions and no interruptions, a rare opportunity in today’s society. Parents, when was the last time you spent 6 consecutive days and nights with your entire family?
  9. MEET THE GUIDES  – Our skilled guides are trained in river safety and first aid and, more importantly have experience behind their name. We only accept the highest standards and along with this they bring their life experiences, charisma and love of the outdoors to each trip.
  • OUR CLIENTS SAY SO  – Yes, the proof is in the pudding – see what some of our previous guests have had to say;


Hi Andrew and Marie Louise

This is a quick note on behalf of our group to say thank you so very much for what some are calling the best experience of their lives!

Everything, from the information provided at the onset of the idea for the trip to the final goodbye in the camp was done in a very professional manner.

On river we were treated to an amazing paddling experience, awesome and plentiful food, great guides (especially chef Ant), wonderful views and simply great fun.

I don’t suppose anyone will ever forget this trip. We all had a really good time, so thank you very much.

Kind Regards

Kevin Elliot

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